Bones on Bones

Life's been crazy lately, in the best way possible. I do feel an itch to get outta town though, suppose that would compound craziness but I always feel like I find bits of myself when I discover new things. It makes me happier in my own skin :) My head's been filled with dreamy thoughts and music. I prowl through sleepless nights, and awake amazingly clear headed. I've remastered the art of daydreaming, I thought I'd lost from my childhood. My scope of perception has surpassed anything I ever thought; I've watched the season's change and my nails grow. Soooo that's where I'm at ha.

Loooooooove this

A Somewhere Place - Vincent Gallo

remixed for a Rad Hourani show

Paint it Black (Rad Hourani Remix) - The Rolling Stones

Here are a couple things I worked on this week....meh

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