Grinnin Fates

Quote from dad

" Yes we will all still be here in 2012 and Obama will win the Heisman Trophy." haha love you

So much shiiiit to share. Here goes...


Big Set!!!!!!!! hellllll yeah!!!!!!!!!

©2009 Ashley Thomas Bridger Clements, Narek Mihranyan, Hoda Abdalla, Alessandra Bernal

Timelapse will come later, can't make stupid copy and paste work

I went up into the mountains, above the clouds. Saw deer, passed through a portal of cloud, was awestruck, oh and the empty wine jug and used tampon made me gag and laugh.


Not bicurious

Had a grand weekend! After an afternoon of running around for props we pulled these shots off in downtown. This was the first time shooting Lane in forever and it was so nice.



I love your hell

At the moment, I couldn't be happier. I'm running on about 3 hours sleep but I feel invincible! All i can say is, life is amazing and everyday is a new adventure. So cliche but I love that I actually feel it for once.

Some shots for a celebrity assignment...


some catalog fashion shots...


Bones on Bones

Life's been crazy lately, in the best way possible. I do feel an itch to get outta town though, suppose that would compound craziness but I always feel like I find bits of myself when I discover new things. It makes me happier in my own skin :) My head's been filled with dreamy thoughts and music. I prowl through sleepless nights, and awake amazingly clear headed. I've remastered the art of daydreaming, I thought I'd lost from my childhood. My scope of perception has surpassed anything I ever thought; I've watched the season's change and my nails grow. Soooo that's where I'm at ha.

Loooooooove this

A Somewhere Place - Vincent Gallo

remixed for a Rad Hourani show

Paint it Black (Rad Hourani Remix) - The Rolling Stones

Here are a couple things I worked on this week....meh


Did a timelaspse up at my grandma's the other day. So hot :/

Somehow found these fashion films by Stephen Blaise...

Louis Vuitton


For some good bedtime reading. Checkout these British UFO reports just made public.


Black Widow and White Wood

becoming more and more obsessed...

vincent gallo
[watch Buffalo 66]

This morning, I couldn't help but write...

the stumpy legged wolves are at the back door

the queen and idiot king killed the mouse on the livingroom floor

blood should be there.instead.fibers tickle their way out

in a pile.coiling and breathing

yarn rolls out.through the door and up the tree

loops around each branch. constricts.suffocated.

they see me now and they loom.waiting
happy to have me.so hospitable

what will be the last thing.person.word.i think of in this land
will it be thought? half thought of? will it be the last...

"its a long way to get to the moon"
the doors don't close.but remain.eternally
moldy.humid.and swollen.but not rotten
their tree-fathers still whisper to them

"be patient my child.this was my life--and is--such is yours.

we can't interfere.only suggest.

culture has made them think they have the power of thought."
its always there.trapped in ether.

use fingers.toes.tongues.sharp sticks.rocks

sweet words coaxing.candy coated teeth
bring forth what's your's
break the membrane
filled with colored light
you are filled.utterly stuffed
lips smacking.belly full

Also some craziness...love it!!
©Bridger Clements


Bleached Muscle

I miss it...not the bees though...NOT THE BEEEES!

Here's some crap I've been working on...